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Welcome to Coral Springs Homes, a realty website powered by Bertelle Realty, Inc. Bertelle Realty is a family friendly realty team that can help you search for and find your next home. Take a few minutes to look around the site to get familiar with real estate in Coral Springs, then contact us when you are ready to let us help you purchase the home of your dreams. And know this, whether you want to buy or sell in Coral Springs, We Make it Happen!
Listings for a few of the Communities of Coral Springs & Parkland

Opportunity Abounds in Our City by the Glades…

The South Florida real estate market is back and the future is looking exciting. As credit opens up and jobs become more stable investors are realizing the value of homes in Coral Springs, and families are appreciating the quality of life that buying a home in our city affords. This combination is creating the perfect buying opportunity for both investors, and buyers who are looking for the perfect home.

From $100,000 condos and townhomes, to $250,000 homes with a pool, to $750,000 properties with land, Coral Springs has a community for every buyer and the market is bringing with it great deals on every purchase – IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FIND THEM!

The simplest way to get exactly what you want is to search our listings and community pages in Coral Springs and Parkland to familiarize yourself with the current state of each city. You may research as long as you like and come back as often as you want, no strings attached.

When you are ready to start looking seriously for your next home, call us and let us do what we do best – match you with the exact property you are desiring! No one knows the Coral Springs real estate market better than we do and we will eagerly achieve our goal of finding you the perfect property in our city.

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You found us and read all the way down here on the page, so you know buyers for your home will, too!

Bertelle Realty has created this website and strategically marketed it so our listings receive maximum exposure. What’s more, we do not skimp on our allowance of available searches. That means we allow buyers to search our listings for as long as they want with no strings attached. No one in Coral Springs offers a similar service – it is just one reason why buyers are so loyal to our brand.

At Bertelle Realty we have energy that is unparalleled in the industry, but we would really like to speak with you more so we can explain our plan of attack for selling your house. So please, call Chip or Blake Bertelle today @ 954-246-4450, and let our drive help you sell your home!