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The Coral Springs Hills Homes for Sale

Home for Sale in Coral Springs Hills
The first home was built in the Coral Springs Hills way back in 1974 and since that time the famous street, Coral Hills Drive, that leads from Sample Road in the south, to Wiles Road in the north, has housed some of the most magnificent homes Coral Springs has ever seen.

This is one of the very few areas that still today features homes for sale listed in the multi-million dollar range, including 7000 square foot, two-acre mansions that are now home to sports stars and some celebrities.

Although there are luxury homes in the Coral Springs Hills, there is more to this community than that. Most homes in the area range from $475,000 to $750,000 and some have sold for less, and more, over the past year.

Also famous to ‘The Hills’ is the covered bridge in the northeast part of the community, and Running Brook Hills, in the northwest part of the community. Running Brook Hills takes up pretty much the entire community west of Coral Hills Drive and it is where the bulk of the homes are located, though some of the nicest homes are located directly on Coral Hills Drive.

Latest Coral Springs Hills Real Estate for Sale in Coral Springs

Below are the latest listings in the Coral Springs Hills, but due to the high profile nature of these homes many owners list directly with agents and do not allow their homes to be viewed publicly. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing a home in this area of Coral Springs it is imperative that you call Chip or Blake today and let Bertelle Realty handle your purchase directly. [idx-listings linkid="304919" count="3" showlargerphotos="true"] View all Coral Springs Hills Listings on a Map